About Us

We care. And we hope it shows. At Data Driven Safety, we are committed to doing our part to make this world feel a bit smaller and safer. Since our inception in 2009, that has meant repurposing public data for the public good. Synthesizing data so that it “tells a story” is something we know and understand.

Data Driven Safety is comprised of a diverse group of talented individuals with experience in law enforcement, intellectual property law, data science, information technology and human resources.

Our interests are as varied as our backgrounds. Whether it’s pursuing the best possible time in an IRONMAN, supporting low-cost 3D printing of prosthetic limbs, perfecting skills as a backyard vintner, riding motorcycles off-road from one corner of the state to another or simply spending time with family (both large and small), we recognize that the energy we devote to Data Driven Safety is only one aspect of life.

We share an intense need for the hours spent in the office to have an impact on others. None of us could have suspected, even a decade ago, that we would satisfy this passion by aggregating public information. Let’s face it: this isn’t exactly the kind of stuff they teach in school. And perhaps it’s due to this broad range of life experiences that we have been successful in sourcing, managing, and understanding the power and potential of public record data.

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