Comprised of over 50,000,000 distinct crash records collected from more than 30 states, Data Driven Safety’s Accident Aware database is one of the largest of its kind … and it’s changing an industry.

Accident Aware provides organizations with an instantaneous and cost-effective means to search for vehicle crash involvement.  We are able to supply this information at a much lower fee than our cost of acquisition. Said differently, we subsidize the cost of accident data for vehicle history applications.  That’s because vehicle specifics (e.g., VIN, damage area, airbag deployment, etc.) are merely a small portion of the crash data that fuels our MVA reCOUP and Prism solutions.

An example of how this public data benefits consumers can be seen by visiting the website of one of our customers:  At no cost 
(and without signing up for an account) any person can enter a VIN to learn whether that specific vehicle was listed on an accident report appearing in DDS’s database.  Is our coverage as complete as those that charge much, much more?  No … but did we mention that VehicleHistory provides the service to consumers for free?

Whether an insurance carrier looking to detect fraud or an automotive manufacturer seeking to determine crash severity by vehicle type or a financing firm needing to stay informed as to changes in the condition of its collateral, feel free to contact us to learn how Accident Aware can improve your organization’s visibility into motor vehicle collision involvement.