Data Driven Safety’s post-employment conviction notification service is designed to provide your organization with only the relevant, reliable and actionable information you need — when you need it. Our service operates to:

  • Protect your brand and corporate image
  • Reduce your risk exposure and liability
  • Keep irrelevant incidents from impacting employment decisions
  • Promote a culture of integrity
  • Demonstrate your commitment to safety
  • Document your legal compliance efforts

We continuously monitor all enrolled employees, contractors and/or volunteers for criminal conviction activity that meets the criteria selected by your organization.

We don’t replace your pre-employment background screening services. Instead, we are focused on maintaining the most advanced non-governmental criminal monitoring solution in the nation. No longer does your organization need to rely on the willingness of offenders to self-report their criminal convictions.

Our system operates in the background, constantly comparing our ever-changing roster of individuals against the more than 100,000 new records that we consume each day. It is easy to implement since we do not need your employees or volunteers to undergo fingerprinting or to sign additional consent forms. Simply provide the list of people to monitor (or authorize its release through your HR software provider) and select the offense categories and levels that are important to you. We do the rest.

As an industry first, we only communicate activity by providing a certified copy of the trial court’s conviction report. This ensures that your HR team will be equipped to take action based on verified and current information. Quite simply, we engineered our system from the outset to assist your organization in remaining compliant with the FCRA and EEOC guidelines.