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Data Driven Safety offers a proven turnkey recovery solution for service providers that treat motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries and health care insurers that pay the resulting claims of such treatments. We rely on our proprietary insurance coverage and crash record databases to recover payments due from MVA-caused medical bills. By identifying the at-fault party (which is often different from the patient) and evaluating insurance coverages at time of loss, we are able to increase third-party liability recoveries.

For health care providers, that means turning bad debt into cash on day one with our recovery guarantees. For health care payors, that means increasing closed-file subrogation opportunities against auto insurance carriers (including low-dollar thresholds). For patients, that means resolving outstanding claim balances without any contact from any person — all while avoiding any negative impact to their credit ratings.

With access to only a limited amount of patient/member information, our HIPAA-compliant service identifies which treatments are related to unexhausted third-party liability coverage that you’re entitled to receive. It is secure, only takes a matter of days, and often requires no IT commitment.

We’ll tell you up front what we expect to obtain. But you don’t have to take a chance on a new-to-you vendor. Instead, we can provide immediate payment for the percentage of recoveries we expect to make on your behalf. In other words, your organization can be paid on day one for recoveries that we will make in the months and years to follow.

We take the risk out of recovery and are pleased to review your closed files after all current vendors have completed their recovery efforts.