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eLUMINATE: Criminal Alerts

Conviction monitoring of your organization’s current workforce provides HR consistency and community assurance in an easy to implement, FCRA-compliant package. Read more →

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MVA reCOUP: TPL Recoveries

A turnkey medical debt recovery program that relies on our proprietary motor vehicle accident and insurance coverages database to collect against TPL insurance carriers — never patients. Read more →

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Accident Aware: Vehicle History

A motor vehicle crash database that provides organizations with an instantaneous means to search for vehicle crash involvement. Read more →

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Envision: Driver Management

A driver safety system that allows organizations to provide consistent, fair, and timely organizational responses to adverse driving incidents involving their employees. Read more →

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Prism: Custom Solutions

Predictive modeling, safety research initiatives, epidemiology studies, statistical surveys, fraud detection — put our normalized data to work for your organization. Read more →