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Data Driven Safety’s extensive database of law enforcement and judicial information can deliver the insights your organization needs to better serve its customers and community.

Unlike many organizations that have access to public record data, we own the information used in our products. This allows us the freedom to slice, layer and reorient the information so that it better “tells a story.” We have used this ability to assist:

  • AAA Safety Foundation with a graduated driver license study
  • West Virginia University with a distracted driving violation study
  • State prosecutors in identifying additional 404(b) activity and prior out-of-state convictions unreported to NCIC
  • Hospitals in filing timely claims notices with county officials
  • Lawyers in locating decedents’ beneficiaries
  • Auto insurance carriers in reviewing latent risk from unreported vehicle crashes

Predictive modeling, safety research initiatives, epidemiology studies, statistical surveys, fraud detection – let us put our normalized data to work for your organization. Whether it is to tweak life insurance actuarial tables to account for additional life factors, or to evaluate how “no insurance” citations can predict customer churn, or to fuel a client retention campaign focused on helping people through life’s bumps, we’re here to creatively assist you in successfully deploying the public record data we know so well.

To discuss how our data fits your business, please contact us.